About Little Rachel

this blog has been made for back and forth.
I be vulnerable, you guys be vulnerable, have your input back.

I’m sick of just pouring myself out, asking the big questions and not getting anything back. I’m sick of being stuck in my small minded negative madness.

So guys, read and lets chat, even if it is just me venting and you telling me to stop being so self-absorbed.
Shoot at me some new perspective.
Show me what makes you tick, how and what of my post made you think or how you could get me thinking more/differently etc.


So any way, dont know if I can affiliate with the “christian” label (even though I do) but I can, with confidence, affiliate myself with the character of Jesus.
Salvadorian background, parents fled from civil war so I have fantastic opinions on corrupted power/social justice/refugee issues.
I have a lot of white guilt.
I love beauty in any way, shape or even unconventional forms.
Materialism is my drug. Love it yet absolutely hate it.
Apprentice Hairdresser turned Youth Worker.
Tired and now Rested.


2 responses to “About Little Rachel

  1. steph

    I didn’t know u have a blog. Before I read this page and figured out it was u I was reading the rest of ur blog, and I started suspecting it was u when I read ‘mm lamb kebabs’ lol. I like.

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