“Give Justice”

Psalm 82

A psalm of Asaph.

1 God presides over heaven’s court;
he pronounces judgment on the heavenly beings:

2 “How long will you hand down unjust decisions
by favoring the wicked?

3 “Give justice to the poor and the orphan;
uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.

4 Rescue the poor and helpless;
deliver them from the grasp of evil people.

5 But these oppressors know nothing;
they are so ignorant!
They wander about in darkness,
while the whole world is shaken to the core.

6 I say, ‘You are gods;
you are all children of the Most High.

7 But you will die like mere mortals
and fall like every other ruler.’”

8 Rise up, O God, and judge the earth,
for all the nations belong to you.


We read this at Morning Prayer today. I pretty much never read the bible and so when I come across stuff like this, especially in the Old Testament, I am taken back and get teary because it’s not just these radical christians doing a brand new thing but an ancient practice of justice and love passed down from grandparent to grandchild. A sacred relic that flourishes through fire and withstands the Armageddon or the Zombie Apocalypse or whatever you would like to imagine the end of the world to be.

Yah, that’s all. 

Peace and Grace.



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2 responses to ““Give Justice”

  1. The Bible is a good book to read 🙂 I have found it useful to have a set of questions to answer after each reading (for example, I bought a journal/book thing which asks questions like “what does this passage teach me about God” – but of course there’s lots of guided questions you could ask), and to go through the Bible one book at a time. When you sit and read, a chapter or a passage at a time, and reflect on it and answer questions about what you’ve read, you see and understand things you would have missed just skimming over it.

    I love this passage 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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