Palestine vs. Israel

Apon seeing Kathy Kelly speak this evening, hoping to gain some answers on the Palestine/Israeli conflict, it has left me not knowing where to stand as a christian and as a supporter (and wishing I have the balls to do what they do) of non-violence. activism.

I guess, I should look up this issue more myself but whenever I do, I become more lost. I hear bland versions and hate filled rants that curdle my blood. When I ask people about the issue, they speak their opinions in heavily biassed and one-sided ways.

I am confused and dont know where to stand on this. If I “side” with the Israeli’s, I seem inhumane, and insensitive, but if I see what is happening and react I seem anti-Israeli, “non-christian”.

What if I don’t want to choose any side and wish these men would act like men of God and Allah? What if I choose both sides?

So, if anyone is reading this, please give me your heartfelt, love filled thoughts and banterings. No rage, no hate, no slandering or pointing of fingers.



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