Happy (?) Independace day…

I guess its quite fitting that I be in the middle of reading Jesus For President during the U.S. Indepence day celebrations.

To whom do we pledge allegiance? I think I’m talking more to people who call themselves “Christians”.

An empire bent on killing our enemies, not making room for struggling brothers and sisters who are running from persecution, greedy and selfish to the core, apathic to the injustices we commit/have committed.

Or a way of life that loves our enemies, taking in the alien, generous and selfless, and compassionate toward our brothers and sisters.

Think of Jesus. Not as a helpless, earthworm baby, not as a sacrificial atonement to save people from “hell”, but as he lived. Which kingdom did he teach? To whom is God shedding his/her grace on? Or was that just some self-appointed deity on a certain State which suspiciously, down to the last column, resembles the Roman Empire.

I’m not just talking about The States here, I’m talking about the Great Southland Of The Holy Spirit as well. Murdering those who so welcomed us to this land we stand/work/play on. Praying the Lord’s Prayer before a parliamentary meeting yet debating whether to open up another concentration camp for “those queue jumpers/system dodgers/illegals/criminals”, buying that amazingly cute dress in full concsiousness that there is slave blood spilt all over that amazingly cute dress…

Kids, we are living in those times again. The Pax Rom– ahem, Americana is no peace at all.
We shall not bow to The Beast of Imperialism, of Wealth and Greed, to the disguise that is the Angel of Light, we shall have no other gods.

Anarchy at its simplest for me is equality, freedom and justice for all, that only a person who has no desire to rule at all can, with the help of the rest of his/her mob, can run their mob. That none of us can be the head of anything, only God. Power corrupts even the sincerest of hearts. Living the life of Love and Beauty. Remembering those on the margins and those within the confines and seeing them loved by Jesus as much as the next.

The Stock Broker, The Refugee, The C.E.O. and The Heroin Addict. The Church Goer, The Atheist, The Property Investor and The Homeless, The Aussie and The Aboriginal, The Lion and The Lamb; all loved by Love/Life/Way/Truth/Jesus/God/Allah as much as the next one.




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2 responses to “Happy (?) Independace day…

  1. Christop Booth

    ‘Jesus is Lord’ means ‘Caesar isn’t Lord’.

    I know someone from among our First Peoples who says I should destroy my Australian birth certificate and passport, because Australia should not exist.
    I haven’t done it.

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