It is key…

Vocation, vocation, vocation!!!

Work had such a stigma that it’s whay we have to do to pay the bills, etc. and it’s so socially acceptable to hate your job.

Why can’t you do something you love?
Because of money?
We live in australia, we can get by on “nothing” and still have food and shelter, and even if we dont have shelter, we kind of do and we have lots of food resources.

But anyway, I’m not telling you all to go homeless but to think about what is taking up your life, your 9-5’s (in my case, it’s a lot more hours than that). But yeah, i’ve been thinking about it a lot.

And sometimes we are just like “blahhh, workkkkkk :(” because of that negative hold society had placed on vocation, but we actually enjoy it despite its bleak moments.

We hate our chains and we want to break free yet we are not willing to step away from the shackles that have already been snapped off and are lying on the floor.



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2 responses to “It is key…

  1. andypaine

    Ha ha I love this Rach. Not that I condone quitting work. That would be completely irresponsible.

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