And I will never think the same of mice ever again…

I just read a graphic novel about a man who survived the holocaust.
Hiding, Auschwitz, everything…
It started with a quote from Hitler saying “The Jews are undoubtedly a race, but they are not human.”

The pictures were horrifying and disturbing.
The jews were drawn as mice, germans as cats, americans as dogs, polish as pigs.

How could people be treated in such a way? I’ve always been super sensitive to the 2nd world war and the treatment of people in the concentration camps so I dont know why I bought this…

And it’s been making me think a lot on my new name for god.
Where was life there?
Of course among the living but they were halfway to death…
How was life brought into those places?

I keep hearing squeeks in my head of fear, terror and desperation. So loud when i close my eyes to sleep I’m scared I will have bad dreams tonight.



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4 responses to “And I will never think the same of mice ever again…

  1. Have you seen the movie ‘Life is Beautiful’. It’s like one of my favorite movies, and it’s PG! 🙂

    It’s about how a father makes out that the holocaust is a game to protect his son mentally and emotionally.

  2. Do you mean life or Life? Maybe you’ll have to make a distinction from now on… and maybe some poems on here too, I miss them! 😉

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