God is obsolete…

What is worship these days for us? It certainly isn’t what it used to be; bowing down mumbling mantras “oh holy one”. So what do we do, bow down to the awesome guest band/speaker thats performing atΒ  church this week?

What does it mean to us? Last year, a lecturer told us worship is what we do with our lives, that shows what god we follow.

That still doesn’t cut it for me, I dont know. Because there are plenty of people out there doing awesome stuff but not associating themselves with ANY religion.

So what I actually wasnt to ask,

Is worship necessary?

If we go out and heal and eradicate global poverty, thats not worship, it’s just doing what Jesus, what common sense, tells us to do.

Is worship an act to show that you love “God”?
Can it be not genuine? If it isn’t, how would God know?

What the fuck is God anyway. I’ve been thinking that a lot. Actually questioning the existence of such a being and I’ve come up with something for now but still have lots of trouble linking old testament to new testament.

So, this odd word god that doesn’t even fit into my spectrum lately has been replaced by life.
I have renamed God for Life.
Just like Abram and Abraham
Just like Saul and Paul…

It just makes sense.

So instead of bringing “God” into something (and with it all the “I’m better than you, sinners will burn” type baggage), I’m just going to bring life. Simple πŸ™‚



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12 responses to “God is obsolete…

  1. Rosie

    Hey Rachel,

    I read your blog post on Saturday just before going to church and it’s stayed niggling at my mind ever since. And I was kind of hesitant to reply, because, well, we don’t know each other very well and I don’t know the journey you’ve taken to get to this place. But…I want to anyway. πŸ™‚ I hope that’s okay.

    I guess I’ve found that worship may or may not be necessary – but it’s inescapable. At least for me…

    It may sound like a Christian cliche (but I don’t like to get trapped by cliches so I use them anyway!), but I’ve found that I am made to worship. If I don’t worship God, I’ll worship something else. I can’t help it. I fall into it all the time – I’ll worship myself, my friends, knowledge…I worship something (and I can think of specific examples of discovering myself worshiping all of those things). I can’t not.

    And I don’t think that I could worship life as a substitute for God. Life is capricious and unfair. It blesses some, for no apparent reason. It disdains others. And it doesn’t care. It doesn’t count our tears in a bottle, it doesn’t give up itself for our sakes, it doesn’t promise to right all wrongs. It’s completely impersonal.

    The only thing that makes life good and meaningful is God. A God is bigger than our definitions and offensive to our ideas of how he should be. A God who compels me to love him and sacrifice myself to him and promises, paradoxically, that this will give me life.

    And I could go on and on about him. But I don’t think this is the right forum for my worship. And it probably wouldn’t be helpful. I hope you don’t see these thoughts as my attempts to squish you back into a Christian box of correct answers or as me devaluing your journey in any way. You made me think, so I wanted to tell you about it.


    • Hey rosie, I love that it’s made you think and figure out what you believe!
      Um, with the whole life thing, i’ve replaced the name of god with life. It makes sense in my head, maybe jonny can explain… It’s still the god jesus came by. But yeah, like when jesus healed on the sabbath, he said you either choose life or you choose death. Where is “God” there?
      Obviously life.

      I meant life as in that. The breath that the clay formation received that have him life, gave him a soul, filled him with the creativity of our creator.

      Not life in general with cheats and bullshit trying to get sold to us and me me me…

      But I love what you say. I dont know what to make of anything right now so thank you for helping and for your input, super appreciated πŸ™‚

  2. I remember reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and at one point Aslan says something along the lines of “Whatever you do that is good, you did it for me, even if you realised it or not”. Maybe we all worship Life whenever we do what is good in his/her eyes? Dunno, just something C.S. Lewis obviously wrote to make people think.

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