Last tumblr post

I guess for a nice transition, I should add my last post on tumblr.

That one I guess I did want input but all I got was someone “liking” it

“Excerpt of a message I sent a dear friend. ‘Twas a lot longer than this version:

Trying to figure out where God is/if God exists and
what faith/trust means and how to do this interdependantly
eg, not sucking off other people yet not doing this completely solo
but also finding the balance of how much to tell people and being emotionally honest but not emotionally manipulative/drowning in my sorrows,
and trying to heal from a very recent hurt without resentment and pushing away the shitty feelings
but also reminding myself of the goodness of the community around me.
On top of that, trying to get off mah ass and being proactive with shit while still working full time.”



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